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 November 2010
  IndiSoft's Wipeout Application Enables Users to Remove Sensitive Data.  November 23, 2010
IndiSoft continues its commitment to improving functionality with the introduction of its Wipeout application to the U.S. financial industry. The application has been successfully used in the Indian HealthCare industry and will help companies completely erase sensitive information from computers that are obsolete. The application, which is currently used in the health care industry in India, enables users to permanently remove sensitive data from the hard drives of PCs and laptops. A designated username and password is required to obtain access... Read Full News
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  Cosmos Bank unveiled the new Information Security Policy.  November 18, 2010
The new security policy provides a platform to address the potential threats arising due to bank's adoption of new technology, i.e. Internet and Mobile banking. Cosmos Bank unveiled the new Information Security Policy. The key of a successful business is using the right information at the right time, meaning availability of the precise information to the authorized recipients when it is required. It also means protecting the data from the unauthorized users and intruders. With the drive to keep abreast with the latest security trends and the future growth areas Cosmos Bank decided to re-look in its Information security Policy and amend it... Read Full News
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