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 May 2012
  Installation of RxOffice® HMS at M H Saboo Siddiq Hospital at there Byculla Setup May, 2012
  IndiSoft starts with Ahmednagar's first installation at Kulkarni Medical - RxOffice® Pharmacy software May, 2012
  IndiSoft's finalizes Rxoffice® Clinical Software order of Dr. Fakatkar - Ahmednagar May, 2012
 March 2012
  IndiSoft's finalizes DAS Hospital- Chembur RxOffice® HMS order.First order from Amcon Conference Participation March, 2012
 February 2012
  IndiSoft Consultancy Pvt. Ltd participates in AMCON conference organised by Assoication of Medical Consultants - Mumbai February, 2012
  Indisoft finalized HMS order of EKomkar Hospital(130 bedded hospital) in Kharghar February, 2012
  Indisoft have one more Radiology Software Installation in Nashik - Sope Diagnostics. February, 2012
  AMC signed by JeevanRekha Hospital - Nasik for Pharmacy Software . February, 2012
  Sai Seva Hospital Dr. Bidarkar after using RxOffice Billing software now takes RxOffice clinical software as well. February, 2012
 January 2012
  Om Sai Hospital- Pali and Skin solutions -Kalyan finalized RxOffice ®Clinical Order with IndiSoft Consultancy Pvt. Ltd January, 2012
The use of RxOffice® Clinical solution proves to be just as valuable in a long-term care setting as it does with primary care and other specialties. The clients appreciated the insights into measurable return on investment, reduction in operational costs, improvements in patient discharge processes and enhancing patient overall experience for better management control and peace of mind.
  Varad Diagnostics buys Radiology Wipeout Software from IndiSoft Consultancy Pvt. Ltd January, 2012
Satisfied Client- continuous to refer the WipeOut Application as wipe out proved to be successful in removing the files from system. Varad Diagnostics buys Radiology Wipeout Software from IndiSoft Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.
 December 2011
IndiSoft Consultancy Pvt. Ltd announced the 160th Installation of RxOffice® the HealthCare Suite at Hospital Infrastructure India 2011 Event December 2011
Hospital Infrastructure India (HII), which is India's premier international exhibition and conference on hospital infrastructure, planning, supplies and HealthCare development. IndiSoft Consultancy Pvt. Ltd announced the 160th Installation of RxOffice®, the HealthCare Suite.
 November 2011
  IndiSoft Consultancy Finalized the software Order with Ashirwad Diagnostics Ambernath City Hospital and Mangal Prabhu Hospital - Juinagar (25 Bedded) Hospital Management  November 2011
IndiSoft Consultancy has sucessfully implemented a highly effective healthcare IT solution for Mangal Prabhu Hospital in juinagar. Indisoft Consultancy sucessfully deployed various HealthCare Software modules for the diverse departments including Cardiology, Nephrology, Nuerology and various other departments. The customized solutions have exceeded the client expectations and have helped them optimize their hospital workflows to deliver enhanced revenue and better patient care.
 October 2011
  Indravati Hospital, Hakimdiagnostics, Balaji Hospital Signs a New Contract with the IndiSoft Consultancy October 2011
IndiSoft Consultancy did a detailed study into the various requirements which were required by the clients and customized the HealthCare modules to their satisfaction. IndiSoft Consultancy support engineers were available throughout the process to ensure seamless transition of the manual process to the automated healthcare software management system to the atmost satisfaction of client.
 September 2011
   IndiSoft Recently Signs a AMC Contract with Sai Seva Hospital, Rehmania Hospital,Sampada Hospital, Jiwdani Hospital  September 2011
IndiSoft Consultancy announced the AMC Contract of their healthcare information software system at the prestigious Sai Seva Hospital, Rehmania Hospital, Sampada Hospital, Jiwdani Hospital implemented in a record time of just under 10 days with a tremendous amount of support by the hospitals.
 December 2010
  IndiSoft Consultancy Services to Launch Clinic+, the Clinical Edition of RxOffice® at Hospital Infrastructure 2010. December 02, 2010
IndiSoft Consultancy services, a pioneer in the Software Solutions for HealthCare Industry announced its participation in the Hospital Infrastructure India 2010. IndiSoft offers the products under the RxOffice® brand. RxOffice® is a Modular and scalable Suit for the Hospital Management... Read Full News
 November 2010
  IndiSoft Announces the 130th Installation of RxOffice. November 26, 2010
IndiSoft Consultancy Services announced the 130th Installation of RxOffice®, the HealthCare Suite.IndiSoft installed RxOffice, the Hospital Management Suite at Godbole Heart care Hospital in Thane. This completes the 130th Installation of RxOffice® in India. RxOffice® is Modular and Scalable software for Managing the day today work of the Hospital in systematic and proven workflows...
Hospital Infrastructure India
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