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 December 2014
  ITShastra India Participates in Hospital Infrastructure Exhibition 2014    December, 2014
 October 2014
  The Transformation - ITShastra CEO Prasad Nagool talks about the evolution of IT in India & the company's growth plans, Healthcare Radius.    October, 2014
 September 2014
  There is immense scope for enhancing healthcare services penetration in India  September, 2014
 August 2013
  Leveraging the power of technology for progress  August, 2013
Kishore Shinde,VP-HMS,IndiSoft Consultancy gives a detailed overview on lab information managment system Today, pathology labs play an important role in the healthcare industry... Read More
  Indisoft participates in Medicall HealthCare Innovation Awards 2013 August, 2013
 December 2012
  IndiSoft Announces the 130th IndiSoft Consultancy Pvt. Ltd participates in Exhibition. December, 2012
 May 2012
  Installation of RxOffice® HMS at M H Saboo Siddiq Hospital at there Byculla Setup May, 2012
  IndiSoft starts with Ahmednagar's first installation at Kulkarni Medical - RxOffice® Pharmacy software May, 2012
  IndiSoft's finalizes Rxoffice® Clinical Software order of Dr. Fakatkar - Ahmednagar May, 2012
 March 2012
  IndiSoft's finalizes DAS Hospital- Chembur RxOffice® HMS order.First order from Amcon Conference Participation March, 2012
 February 2012
  IndiSoft Consultancy Pvt. Ltd participates in AMCON conference organised by Assoication of Medical Consultants - Mumbai February, 2012
  Indisoft finalized HMS order of EKomkar Hospital(130 bedded hospital) in Kharghar February, 2012
  Indisoft have one more Radiology Software Installation in Nashik - Sope Diagnostics. February, 2012
  AMC signed by JeevanRekha Hospital - Nasik for Pharmacy Software . February, 2012
  Sai Seva Hospital Dr. Bidarkar after using RxOffice Billing software now takes RxOffice clinical software as well. February, 2012
 January 2012
  Om Sai Hospital- Pali and Skin solutions -Kalyan finalized RxOffice ®Clinical Order with IndiSoft Consultancy Pvt. Ltd January, 2012
The use of RxOffice® Clinical solution proves to be just as valuable in a long-term care setting as it does with primary care and other specialties. The clients appreciated the insights into measurable return on investment, reduction in operational costs, improvements in patient discharge processes and enhancing patient overall experience for better management control and peace of mind.
  Varad Diagnostics buys Radiology Wipeout Software from IndiSoft Consultancy Pvt. Ltd January, 2012
Satisfied Client- continuous to refer the WipeOut Application as wipe out proved to be successful in removing the files from system. Varad Diagnostics buys Radiology Wipeout Software from IndiSoft Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.
 December 2011
IndiSoft Consultancy Pvt. Ltd announced the 160th Installation of RxOffice® the HealthCare Suite at Hospital Infrastructure India 2011 Event December 2011
Hospital Infrastructure India (HII), which is India's premier international exhibition and conference on hospital infrastructure, planning, supplies and HealthCare development. IndiSoft Consultancy Pvt. Ltd announced the 160th Installation of RxOffice®, the HealthCare Suite.
 November 2011
  IndiSoft Consultancy Finalized the software Order with Ashirwad Diagnostics Ambernath City Hospital and Mangal Prabhu Hospital - Juinagar (25 Bedded) Hospital Management  November 2011
IndiSoft Consultancy has sucessfully implemented a highly effective healthcare IT solution for Mangal Prabhu Hospital in juinagar. Indisoft Consultancy sucessfully deployed various HealthCare Software modules for the diverse departments including Cardiology, Nephrology, Nuerology and various other departments. The customized solutions have exceeded the client expectations and have helped them optimize their hospital workflows to deliver enhanced revenue and better patient care.
 October 2011
  Indravati Hospital, Hakimdiagnostics, Balaji Hospital Signs a New Contract with the IndiSoft Consultancy October 2011
IndiSoft Consultancy did a detailed study into the various requirements which were required by the clients and customized the HealthCare modules to their satisfaction. IndiSoft Consultancy support engineers were available throughout the process to ensure seamless transition of the manual process to the automated healthcare software management system to the atmost satisfaction of client.
 September 2011
   IndiSoft Recently Signs a AMC Contract with Sai Seva Hospital, Rehmania Hospital,Sampada Hospital, Jiwdani Hospital  September 2011
IndiSoft Consultancy announced the AMC Contract of their healthcare information software system at the prestigious Sai Seva Hospital, Rehmania Hospital, Sampada Hospital, Jiwdani Hospital implemented in a record time of just under 10 days with a tremendous amount of support by the hospitals.
 December 2010
  IndiSoft Consultancy Services to Launch Clinic+, the Clinical Edition of RxOffice® at Hospital Infrastructure 2010. December 02, 2010
IndiSoft Consultancy services, a pioneer in the Software Solutions for HealthCare Industry announced its participation in the Hospital Infrastructure India 2010. IndiSoft offers the products under the RxOffice® brand. RxOffice® is a Modular and scalable Suit for the Hospital Management...
 November 2010
  IndiSoft Announces the 130th Installation of RxOffice. November 26, 2010
IndiSoft Consultancy Services announced the 130th Installation of RxOffice®, the HealthCare Suite.IndiSoft installed RxOffice, the Hospital Management Suite at Godbole Heart care Hospital in Thane. This completes the 130th Installation of RxOffice® in India. RxOffice® is Modular and Scalable software for Managing the day today work of the Hospital in systematic and proven workflows...
Hospital Infrastructure India
 August 2014
  Preventive Management of NPA through a new banking software - RxOffice Legal & Recovery August 11, 2014
 December 2012
   IndiSoft Consultancy Services Successfully Implements Rx Office NPA at Cosmos Bank  December 17, 2012
Mumbai and Pune, Maharashtra, India, Monday, December 17, 2012 -- (Business Wire India) IndiSoft Consultancy Services today announced the successful rollout of its flagship product RxOffice NPA at Cosmos Co-operative Bank. IndiSoft had launched the pilot earlier this year in March 2012.
 August 2012
   Loans to pharma companies turn bitter pill for banks  August 14, 2012
Loans to mid-sized pharmaceutical companies have turned bad for a slew of top public sector banks in the first quarter of this financial year. Some of the large lenders are set to restructure some of these, to avoid more slippage...
   SBI’s sharp downturn  August 11, 2012
The performance of the State Bank of India (SBI), the country’s largest lender, is in a way similar to that of the Indian Railways. Both, because of their size and critical positioning, are significantly linked to the overall health of the economy. It is, therefore, not surprising that in the first quarter of the current year the bank has reported a sharp rise in non-performing assets (NPA)...
   Loan Recast: Psbs Bear The Brunt  August 11, 2012
Public sector banks (PSBs) share a disproportionate burden of restructured accounts. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) argues if economic downturn is the reason for debt recast, that should reflect across all bank groups and not just PSBs...
   Banks biased against SMEs, agri sector in debt recast: RBI  August 11, 2012
Banks are giving preferential treatment to the corporate sector in debt restructuring, and tend to ignore the retail, agriculture and small and medium enterprise (SME) sectors...
   FM to meet PSB chiefs nextweek  August 09, 2012
Finance Minister P Chidambaram might ask public sector banks (PSBs) to review their lending rates, at a meeting with their heads on August 18 The meeting comes when the country is faced...
   Red flag over corporate defaults  August 09, 2012
Defaults and restructuring of short-term debt in the past couple of months have raised concerns over companies’ liquidity situation in the current economic environment. According to market participants and rating agencies, there have also been sharp...
   SBI shares fall ahead of earnings; NPAs eyed  August 09, 2012
State Bank of India (SBI) shares fell 4.3 per cent on Thursday, its biggest single-day percentage fall since June 18, on concerns the country’s biggest lender would report disappointing earnings tomorrow...
   Power sector debt rejigs pinched in Q1: Banks  August 07, 2012
Power sector contributed to more than half of the loans restructured by large public sector banks in the quarter ended June 30....
   Asset quality concerns weigh on valuations  Aug 07, 2012
Bank of Baroda (BoB) reported slightly lower-than-expected net profit for the quarter ended 30 June. This was largely a function of higher provisioning and margin contraction. Healthy global...
Gross NPA (%) 1.8 1.9
Price/Book value (x) - 0.9
   Financial results for the quarter ended 30th june 2012  August 07, 2012
(iv) NPA Ratios
       (a) Amount of Gross NPAs 54095 51660 52833 51660
       (b) Amount of Net NPAs 4816 4934 5835 4934
       (c) % of Gross NPAs 1.60% 1.54% 1.97% 1.54%
       (d) %of Net NPAs 0.14% 0.15% 0.22% 0.15%
(v) Return on Assets (Annualized) 1.68% 1.48% 1.49% 1.56%
   SME loans: SBI to close one-time settlement scheme  August 07, 2012
State Bank of India is closing its one-time settlement (OTS) scheme for bad loans of small, micro and medium enterprises due to disappointing response....
   Andhra Bank NPAs ratchet up in Q1  August 07, 2012
Andhra Bank’s non-performing assets (NPAs) surged 71% to Rs.1,292.97 crore for the quarter ended June 2012 from Rs.755.85 crore at the end of March 2012. They were Rs.337.40 crore at the end of June quarter last fiscal...
   Dhanlaxmi Bank has posted a net loss for the consecutive quarter.  August 07, 2012
Dhanlaxmi Bank has posted a net loss for the consecutive quarter as its free income fell by almost 50% while its gross bad loans almost...>
   Financial results for the quarter ended 30th june,2012  August 07, 2012
(iv) NPA Ratios
       a. Gross Non Performing Assets 235834 179801 117644 179801
       b. Net Non Performing Assets 129297 75585 33740 75585
       c. % of Gross NPAs 2.72 2.12 1.55 2.12
       d. % of Net NPAs 1.52 0.91 0.45 0.91
(v) Return on Assets (Annualized) 1.16 1.13 1.43 1.19
   Pvt banks reject FinMin’s joint lending proposal  August 06, 2012
Private sector lenders have turned down the finance ministry’s proposal that banks form a group and enter into a joint lending agreement for corporate loans of more than Rs.150 crore....
   UCO Bank net up 24% on interest income, cost control  August 04, 2012
State-run UCO Bank today stated its net profit for the quarter ended June rose 24 per cent year-on-year to ~362 crore. This was the bank's highest-ever profit for the April-June period. During the quarter, interest income from advances rose and the bank kept a tight control on costs...
   Unaudited financial results for the quarter ended 30th june,2012  August 04, 2012
(iv) NPA Ratios
       (a) Gross NPAs 462398 408620 336052 408620
       (b) Net NPAs 261381 226394 203959 226394
       (c) % of Gross NPA 3.88% 3.48% 3.50% 3.48%
       (d) % of Net NPA 2.23% 1.96% 2.15% 1.96%
       (e) Return on Assets(Annualised)( %) 0.81% 0.59% 0.75% 0.69%
   NII pushes United Bank of India net profit 31%  August 03, 2012
State-run United Bank of India today said its net profit for the quarter ended June 30, expanded 31 per cent from a year ago to ~174 crore,driven by growth in noninterest income, higher interest income and improvement in net interest margin.....
   Quarterly Review of financial results for the quarter ended 30th june,2012  August 03, 2012
NPA Ratios
 (iv) (a) Amount of Gross NPAs 221019 217642 153528 217642
       (b) Amount of Net NPAs 110553 107555 87802 107555
       (c) Percentage of Gross NPA 3.47% 3.41% 2.89% 3.41%
       (d) Percentage of Net NPA 1.77% 1.72% 1.67% 1.72%
 (v) Return on Assets(Annualised %) 0.70% 0.63% 0.61% 0.70%
   City Union Bank profit expands 26%  August 03, 2012
City Union Bank has posted net profit of ~73.89 crore during the first quarter of the current financial year as compared with ~58.51 crore a year ago.The bank's total income rose to
   Reviewed financial results for the quarter ended 30.06.2012  August 03, 2012
NPA Ratios
 Gross NPA 19891 17748 15696 17748
 Net NPA 8012 6260 3855 6260
 % Gross NPA 1.30% 1.28% 1.48% 1.58%
 % Net NPA 0.56% 0.45% 0.27% 0.45%
 % Return on Assets [annualised][%] 1.75% 1.75% 1.26% 1.75%
   NPA for One to Be NPA for Rest Too  August 03, 2012
Failure to repay one bank could result in an account being classified as a bad loan by all banks, according to guidelines issued by he finance ministry early this month...
   Banks see bad loans up 9%  August 02, 2012
Deficient rains and a slump in business growth adversery hit the asset quality of banks in the quarter ended June....
   On FinMin push,govt banks eye gold loan business  August 02, 2012
Loans against gold jewellery-a forte of non-banking finance companies (NBFC) and some south-based private banks till now-will now see increased competition...
   Key indicators suggest markets are overvalued  August 02, 2012
The Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) decision to keep policy rates unchanged is understandable, given the combination of high inflation and fears of a monsoon failure. However, as far as the market is concerned, it was a wrong decision...
   HDFC Bank: Flawless operating metrics  August 02, 2012
HDFC Bank has been in news lately, as it left biggies of the banking sector behind in the valuation sweepstakes. It’s difficult to find fault with a bank that delivers 30 per cent earnings growth quarter after quarter. Such is the precision that analysts now term it as the "same good old story"....
   Consolidated financial statement - Interim result for the six month ended 30 june 2012  August 01, 2012
Impairment losses on loans and advances and            
other credit risk provisions (583) (412) (496) (32,829) (23,200) (27,930)
other impairment (74) (72) (39) (4,167) (4,054) (2,196)
   Reviewed financial results for the quarter ended 30th june 2012  August 01, 2012
NPA Ratios
 (a) Amount of Gross non-performing assets
      Amount of net non-performing assets
 (b) % of Gross NPAs to Gross Advances
      % of Net NPAs to Net Advances
 (c) Return on Average Total Assets (Annualized) 0.95 0.93 0.62 0.93
 July 2012
   RBI to review new rules for priority sector lending  July 31, 2012
The Reserve bank of India (RBI) has agreed to review the revised priority sector lending targets with an "open mind" over the next fortnight, Governor D Subbarao said today...
   State bank of Travancore declared Quarterly financial result ended 30th June 2012   July 30, 2012
GROSS NPA 162393.45 2.85%
NET NPA 89828.96 1.60%
   Allahabad Bank Quarterly result ended 30th June 2012.  July 30, 2012
GROSS NPA 216222 1.96%
NET NPA 119103 1.09%
Rs in lakhs
   Syndicate bank declares financial result for Quarter ending 30th June 2012  July 30, 2012
GROSS NPA 307682 2.88%
NET NPA 118477 0.98%
(Rs in lakhs)
   DCB, IFCI opt to exit from CDR forum  July 29, 2012
At a time when the flow of corporate loans heading for recast is surging, two financial services entities - DCB bank and IFCI - have opted to exit from the Corporate debt Restructing (CDR) forum
   BOB declares Quarterly result ended 30th June 2012  July 29, 2012
The Gross NPA is 5319,41 and Net NPA 1844,51 (Rs in Lakhs)
   Public versus Private  July 26, 2012
The market capitalisation of HDFC bank has just crossed that of the state Bank of India(SBI),making it the most valuable(listed) financial services firm in the country.
   Trouble is from big loans,not small  July 26, 2012
The stress in the banking sysytem this is germinating from big companies,not the small enterpreneurs According to Roop Kudva,managing director & CEO,
   Indian Bank net profit up 13.5%  July 23, 2012
Indian Bank has reported a 13.5 per cent growth in net profit during the first quarter ended June 30, to rs. 462 crore, compared with Rs.407 crore a year ago.
   Longer debt recast line likely  July 23, 2012
Within the next two years, he number of cases referred for debt restructuring might go up substantially,with the Reserve Bank of India proposting a tougher regulatory regime in this regard by mid-2014 experts said.
   No loan growth target for PSBs  July 19, 2012
Public sector banks will not have to focus on their top line growth, as there will be no targets for them to meet credit and deposit growth for the current financial year,
   Kotak Mahindra Bank drops as gross NPA ratio rises  July 19, 2012
Kotak Mahindra Bank fell 2.03% to Rs. 582.10 at 12:59 IST on BSE as the private sector bank's ratio of gross non-performing assets rose to 1.6% of gross advances as on 30 June 2012 from 1.56% as on 31 March 2012.
   Strong growth in profitability; Margins and CASA ratio improved  July 17, 2012
South Indian Bank has reported strong 49% growth in the Net Profit at Rs. 123.04 crore over 45% increase in the NII at Rs. 296.78 crore in the quarter ended June 12. The bank has posted profitability higher than market expectations in the quarter under review.
   Bajaj Finserv net grows 51% in the April-June quarter  July 17, 2012
The Finace ministry has slammed the brakes on short-term,unsecured loans of public sector banks. In a recent communication to the bank chiefs, the ministry has said all such loans to the corporate sector can be backed by secirties within six months of sanctioning...
   Short-term corporate loans hit FinMin wall  July 17, 2012
The Finace ministry has slammed the brakes on short-term,unsecured loans of public sector banks. In a recent communication to the bank chiefs, the ministry has said all such loans to the corporate sector can be backed by secirties within six months of sanctioning...
   Axis Bank Q1 net rises 22% on higher interest income  July 17, 2012
Axis Bank, the third largest private sector lender in the country, on Tuesday said its net profit for the quarter ended June 30 expanded 22 per cent to Rs 1,154 crore from Rs 942 crore a year earlier.
   South Indian Bank posts profit of Rs.123 cr  July 16, 2012
Thrissur-based South Indian Bank (SIB) clocked a net profit of rs123 crore for the first quarter, as against Rs 82.5 crore for the same period last year, registering a growth of 49.2 percent.
   StanChart sells distressed assets worth Rs. 1,000 crore  July 16, 2012
Standard Chartered Bank, the largest foreign bank in the country in terms of branch presence, hassold Rs.900-1000 crore of distressed assets to Mumbai-based International Asset reconstruction Company(IARC), in an all-cash deal.
   IndiSoft Consultancy Services Partners with Coromandel Infotech   July 13, 2012
IndiSoft Consultancy Services has partnered with “Coromandel Infotech” on 13th July 2012 for promoting RxOffice® NPA. This innovative product reduces the impact of non-performing assets and help banks and financial institutions track the loan defaults cycle efficiently. The RxOffice® NPA has detailed Workflow for Collection, Securitization, Arbitration, Darkhast (Post-Arbitration) and 138 with multiple Workflows for any loan.
Coromandel Infotech is a mature and aspiring software services company with select industry focus and provides innovative IT solutions to the growing business needs of its customers. Over 600 professionals, both in India and North America, with excellent technical skills and years of industry experience, deliver end-to-end IT services to clients, using a strategic global delivery model that accelerates the mind-to-market time frame.
 May 2012
   It is a long winter for the economy.  May 22, 2012
Morgan Stanley,the WAll Street investment bank. on Monday slashed India's GDP growth for this fiscal to as low as 6.3% and for next fiscal to 6.9% saying the depth of slowdown will be more than what the Street expects, and its duration,longer...
   IndiSoft Consultancy Services Expands Its Banking Division At Pune May 03, 2012
As part of the endeavor to increase their footprint in the Banking and Financial sector, IndiSoft Consultancy Services has opened a new office in Pune on 1st May, 2012. IndiSoft is focusing on the financial sector as part of their larger expansion plans and have evolved a business model with specific thrust in the BFSI.IndiSoft has also recently launched their key product Rx Office NPA to manage..
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 April 2012
   Basel:Surely not just an exercise in compliance?  April 25, 2012
In the recent past a lot has been written about India's move to Basel III, the new global rules for ensuring that our banks have enough capital and do not face the vagaries that are being currently faced by their Western counterparts. Much of the focus of the discussion to date has been on the 'how' behind such a move.....
   Non-performing Loans jump and NRI Inflows Rise April 25, 2012
The extende tightening trend posed risks to asset quality by pushing banks to increase lending rates, thereby moderating demand and impeding corporate borrowers ability to repay their loans noted a report by Moody's......
   High rates, slow growth impacted loan repayments: FM April 24, 2012
High interest rates and slow economic growth in 2011 has adversely impacted the repayment capacity of borrowers, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee said today. "Increase in interest rates and slowing economic growth during 2011 have adversely impinged on the repayment capacity of all categories of borrowers, especially small and medium enterprises," Mukherjee said in a reply to the Rajya Sabha. Most of the public sector banks registered a rise in non-performing assets as they switched to system based recognition of NPAs during the June-September, 2011 quarter, he said. The Minister said that banks could restructure such accounts if it is done within the Reserve Bank's framework....
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Indian Express Financial Express Express India Mydigitalfc Good Return News Reporter
   RBI finds deficiencies in loan restructuring by banks April 24, 2012
NEW DELHI: The Reserve Bank has observed certain deficiencies in compliance of its guidelines on restructuring of loans by state-owned banks during annual inspection, the government today said. Some of the deficiencies observed during the Annual Financial Inspection (AFI) by RBI of the public sector banks include repeated restructuring and non-classification as per record of recovery, Minister of State for Finance Namo Narain Meena said in a written reply in the Rajya Sabha...
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Economics Times Times Of India  
   System-Based NPA Reporting Improves Transparency April 12, 2012
When recently asked about the reason for spike in Non Performing Assets (NPAs) of select Indian banks, RBI's Deputy Governor Subir Gokarn attributed it to the migration of NPA calculation from manual reporting to an IT system-based approach . By bringing to the fore previously unreported NPAs the system based approach led to an increase in the overall NPA reporting ....
   IndiSoft Consultancy Services Appoints Ramesh Iyer as SBU-Head, Banking, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. April 03, 2012
IndiSoft Consultancy Services, the company that pioneered products in Financial and Healthcare IT, has announced the appointment of Ramesh Iyer as SBU Head –Banking. As SBU Head for Banking, Ramesh will be responsible for building the banking business, including the recently launched RxOffice® NPA, a solution for NPA management for financial institutions. ....
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 March 2012
   Banks toughen calculus on loans as bad ones rise Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. March 19, 2012
Banks in India are stepping up efforts to mitigate risks as the non-performing assets(NPAs) have mounted over the last few quarters.
Gross NPAs of most large banks have risen amid a slowing economy and high interest rates this fiscal. State Bank of India(SBI), the largest lender in the country, in fact, saw the largest rise in gross NPAs during the December quarter at 4.6% compared with 3.17% in the year-ago period. Similarly, Bank of India saw a rise in bad loans at 2.74%, up from 2.36%...
  IndiSoft India Forays into Indian Financial Market with the Launch of RxOffice® NPA Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. March 12, 2012

IndiSoft, a technology development firm that provides Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions based on a collaborative rules-based workflow platform for the financial services industry, today announced the launch of ‘RxOffice® NPA’ for the financial sectors in the Indian markets based on the recent guidelines set by RBI and Global market trends for NPA.
The exponential rise in the loan Non-performing Assets (NPAs) in the state raises serious concerns about the financial position of banks affecting its financial health. As such, with the launch of this product “RxOffice® NPA”, the company is leveraging its capabilities in the Default Management, bringing forth its expertise and success from the US Finance industry to the Indian market...
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 September 2011
   IndiSoft Expands Global Footprint Launches software solution products for Indian Financial Market  September 20, 2011
IndiSoft Consultancy, a software development and consultancy company for worldwide business needs, today announced the launch of its products for the financial sector in the Indian markets...
 November 2010
  IndiSoft Consultancy Finalized the software Order with Ashirwad Diagnostics Ambernath City Hospital and Mangal Prabhu Hospital - Juinagar (25 Bedded) Hospital Management  November 2011
IndiSoft Consultancy has sucessfully implemented a highly effective healthcare IT solution for Mangal Prabhu Hospital in juinagar. Indisoft Consultancy sucessfully deployed various HealthCare Software modules for the diverse departments including Cardiology, Nephrology, Nuerology and various other departments. The customized solutions have exceeded the client expectations and have helped them optimize their hospital workflows to deliver enhanced revenue and better patient care.
 November 2010
  IndiSoft's Wipeout Application Enables Users to Remove Sensitive Data.  November 23, 2010
IndiSoft continues its commitment to improving functionality with the introduction of its Wipeout application to the U.S. financial industry. The application has been successfully used in the Indian HealthCare industry and will help companies completely erase sensitive information from computers that are obsolete. The application, which is currently used in the health care industry in India, enables users to permanently remove sensitive data from the hard drives of PCs and laptops. A designated username and password is required to obtain access...
Dns News Pinnacle Amerivest
  Cosmos Bank unveiled the new Information Security Policy.  November 18, 2010
The new security policy provides a platform to address the potential threats arising due to bank's adoption of new technology, i.e. Internet and Mobile banking. Cosmos Bank unveiled the new Information Security Policy. The key of a successful business is using the right information at the right time, meaning availability of the precise information to the authorized recipients when it is required. It also means protecting the data from the unauthorized users and intruders. With the drive to keep abreast with the latest security trends and the future growth areas Cosmos Bank decided to re-look in its Information security Policy and amend it...
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