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To be in profitable business is always a preferred situation for any business, however due to uncontrollable factors around there are chances that a performing asset may sometime turn into non-performing asset. Once asset turns into non-performing, it start hitting the bottom line and then overall target gets compromised at various levels. To control or reduce the impact of non-performing asset it is required that each asset needs to be monitored carefully.Manual monitoring is possible for a less volume, however it is challenging to monitor a bigger portfolio manually and hence having a product that monitor, track, raised risks and enhances the governance mechanism will be very useful.
RxOffice® NPA with ease of use and self-explanatory workflow, helps Banks and Financial institutions to efficiently track the loan defaults cycle. RxOffice® covers the workflow from Initiation of Defaults, Securitization, Arbitration and 138 (Cheque Bounce).This product has built in workflows which help in Tracking, Managing Reducing NPA by planning appropriate action as per guidelines published by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and manage the compliance requirement of RBI with ease. This product supports default needs for Commercial Banks & Cooperative Banks.
Following are the key benefits that RxOffice® NPA offers for Banking & Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC)
  1. Focused on identified Non Performing Assets(NPA)
  2. Micro monitoring of portfolios to minimize the effect of underperforming or defaulted loans against profitability of bank and NBFC
  3. Handle multi-state Branch NPA
  4. Dashboard and Reports for pro-active management oversight
  5. Managing multiple loans of same borrower to track overall NPA at borrower level.
  6. Covering Securitization workflow for a NPA
  7. Covering Arbitration workflow for a NPA
  8. Covering 138 workflow for a NPA
  9. Rule base actions as per stage of a NPA
  10. Product designed with Info Security features with Role Based Access Control and data is available only on need to know basis to the authorized users.
  11. Seamless integration with any Core Banking Solution (CBS).
  12. Can work even if banks donít have a Core Banking Solution (CBS).
  13. Internal secure messaging.
  14. Manages all communications, documents and actions in real time.
  15. Availability of documents on a click.
  16. Template based configurable document generation for all standard notices and legal documents.
  17. Photographs and scanned documents can be attached at loan level.
  18. Batch level Notice generation, tracking and updating into the system.
  19. Management and functional reports which complies with RBI guidelines.
  20. Open architecture based implementation which can integrate with any third party system with bare minimal efforts.
  21. Implemented with the best-of-breed technologies.
  22. Reduction in operational expenses.

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"I have been using RxOffice® Products for more than 3 years now. Their product have made the hospital tasks automated, saving a lot on time and resources. It is really an exceptional product, and the service is really great. I will recommend it to anyone !"
Dr. Sonawalla (Lifejet Hospital)
- Peddar Road, Mumbai
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