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The discipline of Pathology is devoted to the definitive diagnosis and the understanding of the pathogenesis of human disease. Information systems in pathology, although frequently integrated in hospital information systems (HIS), are characterized by a very special structure of interface and data, as a consequence of the frequent craft work. Computerized Pathology System helps maintain patient data. It assists the doctors during the process of performing pathological test on patient and generate the desired test report quickly. The process of pathology bill generation takes care of different payment modes viz. cash, cheque and credit card. The incorporation of Inventory system within pathology keeps track of incoming and outgoing materials like medicines, machineries,and consumables.System administrator provides the facility to grant the user with access to information, avoiding unauthorized access to protect the system from misuse.
  1. Helps in efficient planning of resources of Pathology Laboratory.
  2. Assist the user in performing pathological test.
  3. Maintain test observation record of patients.
  4. Generate the Pathology Bill on the basis of test conducted.
  5. Generate different types of reports to manage the Pathology process like Patient Test Report, Test Fees Report, Patient Wise Payment Report, Doctor Wise Pathology Order Report etc.
  6. System Administrator apply various levels of security within system to restrict unauthorized usage.
  7. Accounting maintains track of all the financial transactions including patient payment details and Doctor refferal charges.

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