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RxOffice® Pharma is an integrated software which is designed for the Pharmacy Stores. The software automates the repetitive tasks for the Pharmacist. The Pharmacist gets the detailed picture of the stores in terms of Sales, Stock & Profits etc through the elaborate reports and MIS inbuilt in RxOffice® Pharma. RxOffice® Pharma enables the users to save time & money in keeping of the track the invoice, sales & the accounts.
  The Major Functions handled by RxOffice® Pharma 
  • Sale
  • Ordering System & PO Generation
  • Purchase
  • Stock Management
  • Purchase and Sale Return
  • Accounting
  • Payment Receipt

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"I have been using RxOffice® Products for more than 3 years now. Their product have made the hospital tasks automated, saving a lot on time and resources. It is really an exceptional product, and the service is really great. I will recommend it to anyone !"
Dr. Sonawalla (Lifejet Hospital)
- Peddar Road, Mumbai
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