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You wouldn't throw down a billfold or purse stuffed with currency and credit cards on the sidewalk and go off and leave it, would you? Remember that when you delete a file, you're not making it go away. Instead, your computer merely notes that the space where the file is stored is available for reuse. Whether it gets reused depends on how full your hard drive is. If the file doesn't get overwritten, it's a simple matter to resurrect it.
Confidentiality is the prime goal of the People who handle Secret Documents. Do you know when you delete a file from your computer, it still remains in your computer? Actually "Delete" just put it in the Recycle Bin and Even if you remove it from "Recycle bin", some one can still trace it by its footprints left on the hard drive. Our Wipeout Utility removes the footprints as well.
Take an example: If you have some confidential document may be having your 'Credit Card Number', or so and you want to remove it from Hard disk and don't want that it to be recovered. Use WipeOut to erase the file with its footprint. It makes sures that your document will not be recovered by others.
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"I have been using RxOffice® Products for more than 3 years now. Their product have made the hospital tasks automated, saving a lot on time and resources. It is really an exceptional product, and the service is really great. I will recommend it to anyone !"
Dr. Sonawalla (Lifejet Hospital)
- Peddar Road, Mumbai
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